Poker online tips – killing the myths of gestures!

Virtual poker is the most popular casino gambling. While home poker games that can be easily played on the Internet are quite widespread at casinos playing poker online is the most important key word in the search engines. Here we’ll tell you various poker websites comparisons and now let’s dwell on the topic of rules of poker. Poker online tips are always helpful. Today we’d like to speak about poker online gestures.

If the real physical signs are difficult to decipher then how can you talk about the interpretation of signals from a player hidden from your eyes? The answer will surprise you a bit. Since you can not see your rivals the information to analyze for you includes: the speed of their action (check, bet or raise), the significance of their actions (big bet/small bet) and how all these features relate to their previous actions.

We've decided to present you a list of the main characters. But before you start exposing your opponents, remember the following:
The golden rule of signs states: a strong player usually hides under the face of a weak gambler and a weaker player tries to appear strong.

A long pause followed by a raise (a very strong hand). This sign is the cornerstone for many players. Logically this action simply yells the power of hands, because normally players are prone to such moves, when the hands are a powerful combination, like a straight or a flush. Do not get fooled by it. Sometimes, the player actually guesses that you're bluffing and therefore it raises, but in most cases he has a really strong hand.

Automatic raise (usually a very strong hand). This is a raise which happens so quickly that it gives us a reason to suppose that the enemy had pressed the setraise button. This button is especially loved by maniacs and bluffers but from time to time it pushes the player who is very confident in his hand. This means that in this case you should seriously think about the Fold or even check-call.

Automatic check (weak hand). This sign is fairly straightforward, as most players push an auto-check button when they are ready. Sometimes, for an automatic check a player can follow his call but this happens very rarely. Thus, if the table is equipped by a few players you will be able to pick up the pot immediately.

These are the major signs in the game.